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Innovating the Future of Software Development

Join us in a journey where creativity meets technology.

Our Values

Welcome to Dolenko, where we blend the essence of Freedom, Honesty, and Courage into every software solution. Experience cutting-edge development that empowers and transforms.


Empowering developers to explore limitless possibilities.


Building trust with transparency in every code we write.


Daring to redefine the norms of software development.

See things in action

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Driving Innovation

At the heart of our mission lie two pioneering brands: Mobile App Coaching and Sispo. Together, they represent our commitment to excellence in software development education and bespoke digital solutions. 

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App Development Bootcamp

Mobile App Coaching is a certified education provider offering software development boot camps for career changers and young generation.

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Software Development Agency

Sispo is a software development company that provides innovative and creative solutions for businesses, brands and startups to discover new opportunities, define intelligent user experiences, design innovative services and bring successful products and applications to market.

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